12 Secret Santa Gifts for a Drummer

Last updated: December 10, 2023

#1 Miniature Drum Set Model with Base

Mini Drum Model Gift Miniature Musical Instrument Drum Set Model Display Drum Kit Model Mini Ornaments Craft Home Decor Graduation Day Gift

This miniature drum set is a thoughtful Secret Santa gift for drum enthusiasts. It's a detailed replica, not playable but makes a great decoration. With its exquisite craftsmanship and a convenient display box, it is an adorable homage to their passion.

#2 Adjustable Drum Throne Seat with Drumsticks

GrowDaily Drum Throne Seat,Adjustable Stool Drum Universal Thick Padded Drum Throne Drummer Stool with 2Pacs 5A Drumsticks

The GrowDaily Drum Throne Seat is an ideal gift for drum enthusiasts. With its adjustable height and thick padded seat, it ensures comfort during long playing sessions. Its durable double support non-slip tripod base offers stability, while the bonus 2Pacs 5A Drumsticks make it an enticing complete package for drummers.

#3 Portable Drum Stick Bag with Hooks

Cheerock Portable Drum Stick Bag, Small Drumstick Storage Case Bag, Hanging Drumstick Holder Bag, Durable Drum Sticks Bag with Hooks Inside for Drum Set Mallet and Percussion Sticks

The Cheerock Portable Drum Stick Bag is an excellent secret Santa gift for drum enthusiasts. Its durable oxford cloth fabric ensures long-lasting use, and its lightweight, portable design with internal hooks aid in easy access to drumsticks. The bag is also effective for storing drumsticks, enhancing performance or practice sessions.

#4 Comprehensive Guide to Jazz Drumming

Modern Drummer Presents Progressive Independence: Jazz: A Comprehensive Guide to Basic Jazz Drumming Technique

This book, "Modern Drummer Presents Progressive Independence: Jazz" is an excellent Secret Santa gift for drum enthusiasts. It offers a thorough guide to jazz drumming technique over 128 pages, which specifically cater to both drum and drum set instrumentation making it a versatile learning tool.

#5 6-Colored Drumstick Grip Tape Rolls Set

Konohan 6 Rolls Drum Stick Tape Drumstick Wrap Drumstick Tape Anti Slip Drumstick Grips for Drumming Accessories, 0.4 Inches Wide, 16.4 Yards Long, 6 Colors

The "Konohan 6 Rolls Drum Stick Tape" is a versatile product perfect for someone keen on drums. These grippy, anti-slip wraps come in a range of 6 colours, making both personalisation and drum stick identification easy. Reliable and easily removed, these could prove beneficial for music sessions, offering improved comfort and control. It's also conveniently suitable for other sports' needs. This well-thought-out gift could encourage a drummer's passion.

#6 Drum Kit Tuning and Maintenance Tool

Alasum Drums Accessories Drum Accessory Drum Turning Tool Drum Tool Drum Kit Maintenance Tool Drum Kit Tuning Tool Tools Drum Kit Key Metal Drum Key Musical Instrument Wrench Drum Set

The Alasum Drum Accessories Drum Tuning Tool is a versatile, user-friendly gift for drum enthusiasts. Its durability and wide applications make it suitable for drummers of all levels. It aids in achieving optimum sound from a drum kit and is compact for convenience and portability.

#7 Drummer-Themed Durable Ceramic Mug

Crazy Love Shirts Drummer Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Drum Set Coffee Mug, Funny Drummers Ceramic Mugs, Teacup Gifts For Drum Player, Drummer Novelty Coffee Cup Black 11oz, 15oz

The "Drummer Never Underestimate An Old Man With A Drum Set Coffee Mug" is a perfect Secret Santa gift for drum enthusiasts. Its high-quality ceramic material, unique design, and size options promise durability and satisfaction. The mug's dishwasher and microwave safety add a practical touch ideal for everyday use.

#8 Personalized Engraved Drum Set Keychain

LaserGram Rectangle Keychain, Drum Set, Personalized Engraving Included (Black with Silver)

This LaserGram Rectangle Keychain, personalized with a drum set engraving, could be an excellent Secret Santa gift for a drum enthusiast. Its design puts a unique twist on a practical item – it's aesthetically pleasing while helping to distinguish your keys. With its own gift box, it offers an easy yet thoughtful gifting solution.

#9 Small Drumming Glove with Synthetic Grip

Vic Firth Drumming Glove - Small

The Vic Firth Drumming Glove - Small is a top-notch gift for drum enthusiasts. Its synthetic rubber grip on thumb and forefinger enhances grip stability, while the premium cabretta leather furnishes a comfortable fit. The mix of leather and ventilated synthetic mesh ensures great breathability, making it perfect for long practice sessions.

#10 Double Sided Drum Practice Pad Kit

SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit - 12 Inch Double Sided Silent Practice Drum Pad & Four Inch Snare Drum with Two Different Surfaces & Drumsticks

The SLINT Drum Pad Stand Kit makes a fantastic gift for drum enthusiasts. Its portability and high-quality design offer a real drum practice experience both at home and outdoors. It includes everything a drummer needs to advance their skills, like a double-sided drum pad and adjustable snare stand. The product also comes with a lifetime warranty, guaranteeing satisfaction.

#11 Music Themed Canvas Wall Art Set

5 Pieces Music Theme Wall Decor Modern Percussion Instrument Jazz Drum Set on Stage Picture for Wall Black and White Canvas Wall Art Contemporary Home Decor Stretched Framed Ready to Hang-50"W x 24"H

This 5 Piece Music Theme Wall Decor featuring a Jazz Drum Set would be a fantastic Secret Santa gift, particularly for someone who loves drums. The artwork is high quality, waterproof and ready to hang. Its black and white design adds a modern touch to any room, making it visually pleasing to any drum enthusiast.

#12 Limited Edition 400th Anniversary Drumstick Bundle

Zildjian Limited Edition 400th Anniversary Drumstick Bundle

The Zildjian Limited Edition 400th Anniversary Drumstick Bundle is a unique gift, ideal for drum enthusiasts. It includes a 5A variant, known for its balance and versatility. Combining heritage with quality, it celebrates Zildjian's 400th anniversary, reflecting a deep respect for the art of drum playing.